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What is IsItGOLD?

How can IsItGOLD? Benefit you and give you the best experience possible.

Instant metal analysis

We leverage the latest in AI technology to provide you with instant metal analysis. No more waiting for results.

Accurate worth estimation

Our AI-powered platform provides you with the most accurate worth estimation for your metal. No more guesswork.

Scan History

Keep track of your scans and results with our scan history feature. Easily access past results and compare them.

Export to PDF

Coming Soon
Generate a PDF report of your scan results. Easily share your results with others or keep them for your records.

Export to CSV

Coming Soon
Export your scan results to a CSV file. Analyze your results in a spreadsheet or import them into another application.


As of now, IsItGOLD is 100% self-funded. We are looking for sponsors to help us grow and improve the platform!

Join Our Innovation in Precious Metals

Dive into the future of precious metal identification with our advanced AI technology. Reach out to explore investment and partnership opportunities.

"Is it Gold?" Revolutionizing Metal ID

Discover how our AI-driven tool changes the way we identify and value precious metals. Ideal for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Invest in Digital Innovation

Our project combines traditional knowledge with digital convenience. Interested in tech-driven commodities? Let’s talk about potential collaboration.

Be Part of the AI-Powered Transformation

We’re committed to making precious metal identification accessible. Join us in setting new standards in the industry through collaboration.

Engage with Us

Your insight and support could be the catalyst for mutual growth. Contact us to discuss how your investment can contribute to an innovative future.

Explore Collaboration Opportunities

Join our journey that melds technology with tangible value. Your partnership could help shape a path forward in precious metal tech.

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Beginner Our entry plan with basic features.
$9.99 / month
  • 20 scans/day.
  • Scan History.
  • Cancel anytime.
Professional For anyone working with IsItGOLD?
$19.99Coming soon
  • All Beginner features
  • PDF Export
  • CSV Export

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